Governing Council

The Governing council is the highest policy making organ of the institute. Its membership usually consists of appointees of the Government, including its chairman, representatives of the Federal Ministry of Education. The State Ministry of Education, the Academic Board of the College and Senior Staff of the college. The provost and the Registrar are also member and secretariat respectively.

At present, the Council is chaired by Hon. Abdu Bukar

Officers of the College

The officers of the college otherwise known as the Principal officers are:

  • The Provost
  • The Deputy Provost
  • The Registrar
  • The College Librarian
  • The Director of Works

Deans and Heads of Departments

The Academic programs of the college revolves around four schools namely: The School of Education, The School of Science, The School of Arts and Social Sciences and The School of Vocational and Technical Education, As well as the department of Preliminary Studies.

Senior Staff

Name Rank Qualification
Dr. Mohammed Alhaji Audu Provost B.Sc., MBA, LL.B., Ph.D.
Dr. Gambo M. Saljaba Deputy Provost B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Ahmed J. Dibal Dean Student Affairs B.Sc., (Hons), PGDE
Saleh Mustapha Aliyu Director Audit ND, B.Sc., (CNA, ATM)

Name Rank Qualification
Gideon S. Bwala Registrar B.Sc., PGDE, FIPMA
Kadafur Bukar Snr. Asst. Registrar (I&J) ND, B.Ed. Bus.
Baba Ali Mustapha Deputy Registrar (Acad) ND, B.Sc.
Ahmed Mai Mustapha Deputy Registrar (SAO) ND, B.Sc.
Garba A. Mshelia Deputy Registrar (Estab) B.Sc., MILR
Daniel M. Mshelia Ag. Director of Sport NCE, B.Sc., MPA
Hafsat Abdullahi Asst. Reg. (Exams & Records Officer) B.A
Musa Garba Ngulde Deputy Reg. (Housing Officer) ND, B.Sc. Public Admin.
Adamu Haruna Asst. Reg. (Information Officer) B.Sc. Public Admin.
Nasiru U. Guraguja Protocol Officer B.Sc, PGDE

Name Rank
Dr. Gambo M. Saljaba Director of Research and Publications
Ibrahim Ali Zarah Director IQU
Ibrahim Abdu Director Consultancy
Dr. Mercy B. Wakawa Director Academic Planning

Name Rank Qualification
Madu Lawan Ngulde Bursar B.Sc., MBA, ONA
Alhaji Usman Dawi Acct. Payroll ND, HND
Rose L. Audu Deputy Bursar (Exp.) ND, B.Sc.
Zara Aliyu Deputy Bursar (Revenue) ND, B.Sc.

Name Rank Qualification
Umar Ahmed PTO Civil/ Ag. Director ND, B.Sc. Geology
Baba Ali Ndahi PTO ND, HND (Build.), B.Tech.

Name Rank Qualification
Mohammed Y. Tong College Librarian BLS, MLS
Emmanuel Hassan Prin. Librarian II BLS
Yahi Mutah Librarian II BLS

Name Rank Qualification
Emmanuel Bukar Chief Comm. Health Officer Cert. Snr. Com. Health, Adv. Dip. (Health Education)